Read about our assistive technology courses and qualifications, funding streams and Concept Learning.

Read about our assistive technology courses and qualifications, funding streams and Concept Learning.

Our Provision.


Concept Northern’s e-learning portal – conceptlearning.co.uk – is a gateway to flexible, on-demand assistive-technology training. Courses feature blended teaching resources which fuse traditional-style learning with interactive modules, videos and quizzes.

Assistive Technology Courses

Concept Learning covers the latest assistive-software products and applications. Our software courses are in-depth and comprehensive, but manageable. On average, courses take two to three hours to complete. Most are CPD-certified meaning learners can develop their knowledge while adding valuable hours to their personal development portfolio.

Software We Cover

Some of our assistive technology e-learning courses include:

  • Texthelp Read&Write
  • MatchWare MindView
  • Livescribe smartpens
  • Dragon dictation software
  • Inspiration

Find out more at conceptlearning.co.uk. 

Qualifications & Training Programmes

Our qualifications and training programs offer more comprehensive learning experiences than our regular Assistive Technology courses.
All are focused on giving learners with dyslexia the skills and confidence to succeed in the workplace. Depending on circumstance, learners can choose from:

  • Our SQA Customised Award rated on the SCQF Framework.
  • Our comprehensive training programme accredited by City&Guilds.

Find out more at conceptlearning.co.uk. 

Awareness Courses

Our awareness courses increase understanding and raise awareness of key topics and issues. Awareness of issues affecting workplace or educational life can contribute to better environments and individual development. For example, our online Dyslexia Awareness course
defines the term “dyslexia”, explores its effects, details strategies for improving the experience of a dyslexic person, and distinguishes between dyslexia and co-occurring conditions.

Course Features

Our courses take advantage of the latest e-learning authoring tools and learner-management systems. Features include:

  • Interactive, engaging resources.
  • Courses unique to Concept Learning, not “off-the-shelf”.
  • Responsive design for mobile learning.
  • Individual support through our “Ask a Trainer” feature.
  • Accessible 24/7.
  • Learner tracking and progress functions.

    Funding Options.


    The Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) is a non-income assessed allowance to cover any extra costs or expenses you might have while studying, which arise because of your disability.

     Scottish DSA Website

     English DSA Website

    Access to Work

    An Access to Work grant can pay for practical support if you have a disability, health or mental health condition to help you start working, stay in work or move into self-employment.

     Access to Work Website

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